ODYSEA and Subsea7 Utilize Proxxima™ Technology on Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Pipeline

Houston, TX – ODYSEA announced the successful offshore installation by Subsea7 of approximately eleven kilometers of deepwater pipelines utilizing ODYSEA’s groundbreaking Goldilocks (GDLXTM) insulation technology, enabled by ExxonMobil’s ProxximaTM polyolefin thermoset resin systems. This industry-leading project was completed with zero safety incidents and ahead of schedule while showcasing exceptional performance.

ODYSEA CEO, Tanmay Desai, describes Goldilocks insulation as “an innovative and game-changing technology solution for line pipe, field joints, and subsea structures that enables a much faster, safer and high-quality thermal insulation system.”

The insulation was applied to the flowline and riser pipes by ODYSEA for a global supermajor energy client in the Gulf of Mexico and installed in deepwater by Subsea7’s Seven Oceans reel lay vessel.

GDLXTM is a castable thermal insulation coating for subsea pipelines, field joints, and structures. Utilizing a unique molding process, ODYSEA can deliver a solution that significantly reduces the complexity of a time-intensive, multi-layer process. The solution is highly portable, which can enable in situ insulation in any location around the world. The technology is proven to generate less waste and allows clients to achieve their first oil sooner due to the ability to insulate pipes faster than traditional insulations.

The technology behind GDLX™ is made possible by ExxonMobil’s ProxximaTM resin system, a polyolefin thermoset with super-low viscosity and a controllable fast cure. ExxonMobil’s ProxximaTM resin systems have an exceptional balance of strength and toughness, are highly resistant to temperature and pressure, have no depth limitations and are extremely hydrophobic, resisting water uptake that can otherwise damage insulation properties. These factors make GDLXTM, enabled by the ProxximaTM resin system, an excellent choice for subsea insulation projects.

This Gulf of Mexico project required specific and extensive validation, which ODYSEA met through the ISO - process, multiple customer tests, and now through successful project execution. GDLX has proven its resilience and reliability from laboratory tests to meet the Client’s expectations on high-pressure, high-temperature projects.

“The successful adoption of this new insulation technology was made possible by our collective commitment to innovation, as well as rigorous testing that ensured project certainty and timely delivery.” José Manuel Torres, SCM Technology Manager at Subsea7.

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