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ProximaTM  systems are the single solution for all your subsea thermal insulation needs, from flowlines to field joints, to subsea equipment- effectively replacing many alternatives including polypropylene and silicones. The inherently low k-values, durability and extreme hydrophobic nature make ProximaTM resin systems ideal for silicone replacement in subsea equipment. Our ProximaTM resin system technology has enabled mobile flowline and field joint coating operations that allow for realization of local content requirements and reduced steel transportation costs while reducing energy costs, labor, and scrap. ProximaTM allows simpler, safer, and faster coating of pipes, joints, and equipment, which simplifies scheduling for drillers and reduces time to first oil.

Our partnership with ODYSEA

Today, flowline and field joint solutions are being brought to market through Materia’s partnership with ODYSEA, which provides thermal insulation and flow assurance solutions for subsea pipelines and infrastructure.  Their GDLXTM materials are specially designed for subsea service, with benefits including inherently low k-values, making GDLX a great insulator with no depth limitation.  By nature of its molecular structure, GDLX has no chemical susceptibility to seawater and is extremely hydrophobic, resisting water uptake that can otherwise damage insulation properties. 

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Proxima™ polyolefin thermoset resin systems

Our resin formulations are based on cyclic C5 monomers and proprietary other monomers and additives. Our catalyst formulations have strong foundations in Nobel Prize-winning technology developed by Professor Robert Grubbs and his research team. This powerful combination produces polymers that have the capability to outperform today’s solutions across a broad set of everyday applications such as wind turbine blades, electric vehicle parts, sustainable construction, and anticorrosion coatings.

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