Proxxima™ application methods

Proxxima™ application methods

ProxximaTM resin systems deliver gains across the value chain in the composite, casting, and coatings markets. Specifically, our super-low-viscosity and controllable fast cure can streamline production across a broad set of applications. Even better, often these production efficiencies can be reached with minimal changes to conventional processing equipment.

Below is a list of potential application technology methods. Don’t see yours on the list? Contact us today, as ProxximaTM may still be a strong fit. 

Composite fabrication methods

  • Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) – The ultra-low viscosity and controllable fast cure of Proxxima™️ systems enables faster cycle times with better wet-out and fewer defects.
    • Vacuum Assisted RTM (VARTM) 
    • High Pressure RTM (HPRTM) 
  • Pultrusion – The low viscosity, fast fiber wet-out, and snap-cure of ProxximaTM resins enables fast line speeds. Available for both bath-based and injection systems. 
    • Open bath - We offer specific recommendations on resin-fiber ratios, ventilation of uncured resin, and line troubleshooting to convert to ProxximaTM and gain the optimum benefits.
    • Injection – Leveraging fast fiber wet-out and snap cure catalysts, injection processing is a natural fit for ProxximaTM resin systems.
  • Filament Winding – ProxximaTM systems work on existing lines and can be optimized to increase throughput by winding adjustments and faster post-cure, resulting in more parts produced.
    • Wet winding - We offer specific recommendations on ventilation of uncured resin, resin-fiber ratios, and line troubleshooting to convert to ProxximaTM resin systems and gain all the benefits.

Coating methods

  • Plural component spray - ProxximaTM resin systems have a snap cure reaction resulting in dry times of less than 10 minutes even at high single coating weights of 40 mil. This converts to significant labor saving for the applicators and a faster return to service for their customers.
  • Single component spray (in development) -  A longer cure time allows for a working pot-time but applicators still have a faster single coat system.
  • Roller application (in development) - A thicker coating of ProxximaTM resin systems with the same benefits: high solids coatings, fast dry time, and no post-cure or waiting period before returning to service.
  • Formulate hybrid coating systems (in development) - Suggested coating chemistries that are compatible with ProxximaTM resin systems to gain the dual benefit of the other chemistry plus high solids coatings, fast dry time, and no post-cure or waiting period before returning to service.

Molding methods

  • Reactive Injection Molding (RIM) – the viscosity and controllable fast cure make Proxxima™ resin systems ideal for RIM.
    • Contact us to hear about recommended Proxxima™ resin systems to optimize an existing line and recommended equipment manufacturers who can provide process equipment & mold tooling.
  • Casting
    • ProxximaTM systems are compatible with a wide range of casting methods. 
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Proxxima™ polyolefin thermoset resin systems

Our resin formulations are based on cyclic C5 monomers and other proprietary monomers and additives. Our catalyst formulations have strong foundations in Nobel Prize-winning technology developed by Professor Robert Grubbs and his research team. This powerful combination produces polymers that have the capability to outperform today’s solutions across a broad set of everyday applications such as wind turbine blades, electric vehicle parts, sustainable construction, and anticorrosion coatings.

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