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Delivering the next generation of thermosets

At ExxonMobil we use advanced polymer technology to produce a new range of thermosets designed to outperform existing options. Our ProxximaTM products overcome traditional tradeoffs to deliver light-weight material with a superior balance of strength and toughness. Since becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of ExxonMobil in late 2021, we have been expanding our manufacturing and commercial capability, building the foundation to expand alongside the industry to realize the future of these highly dependable materials. 

ProxximaTM polyolefin thermosets provide a high-performance alternative to traditional choices, such as epoxy, vinyl ester and polyester. Built on Nobel- winning technology our resin systems deliver a step change in production economics. Specifically, our ultra-low viscosity and controlled fast cure dramatically improve processing speeds with minimal modifications to conventional processing equipment.

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  • Founded to commercialize Nobel-prize winning Grubbs Catalyst chemistry developed by Professor Robert Grubbs
  • Developed a diverse portfolio of Grubbs Catalysts and created the industry-leading Ru metathesis catalyst patent portfolio


  • Leveraging the catalyst IP, Materia developed the core ProxximaTM polymer technology to enable custom formulations for unreinforced polymer, composite and coating applications 
  • Acquired Huntsville, Texas plant in 2004
  • Secured first major commercial win in 2016 for flowline insulation with Shell


  • Sold the catalyst development business to Umicore in 2018, retaining exclusive rights, to focus on expanding its ProxximaTM resins business
  • Commenced four-year joint development agreement with ExxonMobil to commercialize Proxxima™ in the wind and coatings markets
  • Acquired in full by ExxonMobil in December 2021


  • Bringing proven performance to global scale

What industries are using Proxxima™ technology?

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    Proxxima™ polyolefin thermoset resin systems

    Our resin formulations are based on cyclic C5 monomers and other proprietary monomers and additives. Our catalyst formulations have strong foundations in Nobel Prize-winning technology developed by Professor Robert Grubbs and his research team. This powerful combination produces polymers that have the capability to outperform today’s solutions across a broad set of everyday applications such as wind turbine blades, electric vehicle parts, sustainable construction, and anticorrosion coatings.

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