Thermoset Resins

The Next Generation of Thermoset Resins

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Metathesis Catalysts

Nobody knows metathesis better than Materia. We have the exclusive worldwide rights to Grubbs Catalyst® technology, the world’s leading ruthenium metathesis catalysts developed at Caltech by Nobel Laureate Robert H. Grubbs. We offer a variety of catalysts that address a wide range of applications for today’s most challenging industrial and pharmaceutical needs. Learn More

High Performance Resins

Materia’s high performance resins are designed to outperform traditional thermoset resins with higher toughness, lower weight, faster processing times, and a lower environmental impact. See why manufacturers are replacing current epoxy, vinyl ester and polyester resins with higher performing Proxima resins. Learn More

Engineered Solutions

Materia’s Proxima resins support a wide range of formulation flexibility, adaptable to our customers’ fabrication technology (including VARTM and RIM) and processing requirements. Our team can engineer market-ready solutions for even the most challenging applications. Learn More

Industries Overview

Tough + Light Composites

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Mechanical Stress Management

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Reliable Under Pressure

Oil & Gas
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Reliable + Effective

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Improved Reaction Efficiencies

Renewable Chemicals
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Performance + Faster Processing

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Materia at a Glance

Materia is the provider of high performance catalysts and resins that leading companies worldwide use to invent new products, enhance industrial processes, and capitalize on their highest-value opportunities.

25+ PhDs on Staff

17+ Years in Business

350 + Patents & Patent Applications

Find out how we solve industrial challenges with our revolutionary catalyst and resin technologies.

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