Research & Development

Advancing the Technology and Commercial Possibilities

Research & Development

Materia focuses significant resources on the research and development of Grubbs Catalyst® technology and commercial applications of the technology. With our depth of knowledge and experience in catalysis and polymer science, we are continually expanding the scope of next-generation solutions currently on the market and advancing new products in development that solve complex materials problems.

Commercial Innovations from Applied R&D

We invest greatly in pursuing new research directions creating product solutions meeting the needs of our customers, solving new industry challenges, and our long-term growth strategy. In close collaboration with our business unit and industry-focused leadership, we ensure sustainability, performance, and economics are all priorities in every new innovation at Materia.

Polymers and chemistry make most everyday products possible, and Materia is committed to accelerating new research and development that will revolutionize the everyday products we use, making a positive environmental and economic impact for society to enjoy.

Institutional Partnerships

Materia maintains strong relationships with institutional partners, including government and academic institutions to advance our work in catalysis and polymer chemistry. With our commercial leadership in the chemistry of metathesis, we believe that our collaborations will further drive the adoption of our technology and aid in the development of better products to meet the major global challenges facing society today.

Exclusive Research Access

Caltech. Materia’s catalyst technology was developed by Dr. Robert H. Grubbs, our founding scientist, at the California Institute of Technology. In addition to being the exclusive licensor of Grubbs Catalyst technology, Materia’s research and development team has continued to access to the latest catalyst innovations developed in Dr. Grubbs’ laboratories.

University Collaborations
  • Boston College
  • Montana State University
  • University of Calgary
  • University of California, Los Angeles
  • University of Kansas
  • University of New Orleans
  • University of Southern California
Government-Sponsored Collaborations
  • Department of Energy
  • National Institutes of Health
  • Department of the Army