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Olefin metathesis is revolutionizing chemistry and enabling next-generation chemical and materials businesses.

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Technology @ Materia

Materia's technology and IP platform is protected by over 350 issued and pending patents worldwide. Our technology continues to drive significant business value for our customers and we maintain a strong commitment to the continued advancement of olefin metathesis, our catalyst portfolio, and our entire advanced materials technology platform.

Innovative by Nature

With our Grubbs Catalyst® technology, our proprietary technology platform solves a wide range of commercial challenges that others cannot.

Grubbs Catalyst Technology
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Grubbs Catalyst products are the leading metathesis catalysts, being incredibly easy to use with high functional group tolerance, predictable reactions, scalable, and broadly applicable.

Olefin Metathesis
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Olefin metathesis is a chemical reaction, promoting the rearrangement of carbon-carbon double bonds, the building blocks of biological and plant matter and one of the world's most common types of chemical compounds.

Robert Grubbs
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As a founding scientist of Materia and Nobel Prize winner, Robert Grubbs is the creator of the most significant metathesis catalysts, continuing to lead advancements in olefin metathesis today.

Environmental Impact
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What makes olefin metathesis cost-effective also makes it green. With fewer reaction steps, solvents, and byproducts, olefin metathesis is environmentally friendly and efficient.

Research & Development
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Through partnerships and our own R&D, Materia focuses significant resources toward advancing Grubbs Catalyst technology and innovating new commercial applications and products.