Engineered Solutions from Concept to Manufacturing

Design Engineering

Materia collaborates with customers to deliver the best solutions to ensure all material and project requirements are addressed. Our advanced materials can solve business challenges, drive innovation, and deliver competitive products. The dedicated team of scientists and engineers at Materia brings extensive materials science, and application expertise to develop a wide range of customized products and engineering solutions that drive the next generation of business for our customers.

Comprehensive and Collaborative Solutions

Materia offers comprehensive design and engineering services from concept to prototype to large-scale manufacturing, optimizing lead times, risk, and cost. Our multidisciplinary design engineering team develops solutions that respond to your business needs driven by our expert technical and operational capabilities.

Materia’s deep understanding of our materials technology platforms provides a breadth of collaborative solutions at every stage of development and commercialization, from discovery research to full-scale manufacturing.


From prototyping to manufacturing ready, Materia scientists and design engineers approach product development challenges to deliver high performance solutions that can be easily tested and validated with pathways to efficient manufacturing at scale. Materia brings world class technology to meet any technical or processing challenge by developing and evaluating prototypes to ensure products meet their competitive and profit potential.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Materia operates world-class R&D and manufacturing facilities, fully equipped with state-of-the-art analytical and prototyping equipment, including CNC machining centers and a suite of software-based design solutions.

World-Class Engineers and Scientists

We employ a diverse staff of highly qualified scientists and engineers (mechanical, electrical, and chemical) with a wide range of industry experience, including advanced materials, aerospace, automotive, and tooling.