Proven Chemical and Process Development Expertise

Chemical Process Development

At Materia, we are leaders in the chemistry of olefin metathesis. With our multidisciplinary approach, we deliver process development services with efficient, scalable paths to manufacturing processes. From process R&D, to optimization of reaction conditions, to scale-up, we address every detail of our customers’ needs to facilitate rapid process and product development to minimize cost and time to market.

Materia’s chemical process development team includes the most knowledgeable scientists and engineers in the field. With our market-leading capabilities and experience, our drive is to solve the most difficult challenges facing our customers.

Dedicated Team with Proven Results

Materia’s chemistry team continues to drive the commercial success of olefin metathesis, having transformed the academic work behind the Grubbs Catalyst® platform into market-viable solutions. Our chemical process development team has a proven track record in transforming small-scale, research-based chemical processes into cost effective, large-scale manufacturing.

Our scale-up capabilities enable customers to increase their production in gram, kilogram and multi-ton quantities. We address a variety of production challenges, including production methodology, large-scale purification techniques, large-volume materials processing, and reaction condition optimizations.