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Proxima® resin is the Materia game-changing thermoset system for structural composites that sets the next-generation standard for fatigue-resistance and cost-effectiveness. The Proxima resin system allows integrated and independent blade providers to build longer-lasting and larger-diameter rotors and ultimately produce more clean energy at a lower cost.

In independent analyses, Proxima laminates show dramatically superior fracture toughness, delamination resistance and improved structural integrity than traditional epoxy systems in composite fatigue studies.

  • Proxima resin’s significantly lower viscosity enables greater manufacturing efficiency, allowing for 10x faster infusion rates than traditional resins.
  • Proxima resin is lower density than epoxies and therefore contributes to an overall lower blade masses when used to manufacture larger and longer blades.
  • Proxima resin is lower cost and cleaner than epoxy, creating only 50% of the carbon emissions that epoxy does, according to independent studies.
  • Proxima formulations are available for other composite applications and common processes such as RIM, RTM, VARTM and pultrusion.

Produced using the exclusive Materia catalysts and a widely available petroleum byproduct, Proxima resin’s production costs and environmental footprint are inherently low and new industrial scale capacity can be brought online within months anywhere in the world.

Materia also provides a full range of application development support and technical service.