Features & Benefits

Higher Performance Resins with Superior Processing Benefits

Features & Benefits

Few competing materials can match the power and versatility of Proxima® thermoset resins. Compared with traditional resins like epoxies, vinyl esters, and polyester resins, Proxima resins exhibit significantly improved performance characteristics without the need for costly capital investments as they were designed to be compatible with today’s industry-standard manufacturing processes.

Proxima thermosets are unique, exhibiting the high performance characteristics of existing systems while minimizing the drawbacks inherent in most of competing materials. Proxima resin systems have the heat tolerance and processability of a thermoset, the excellent impact strength and damage tolerance of a thermoplastic, and the low moisture absorption and corrosion resistance of a fluoropolymer.

Common Properties of Our Multi-Purpose Formulation

Proxima resins can be formulated for a wide variety of application and business requirements.

Proxima HPR 2102
Type Property ASTM Typical Values* Units
General Specific Gravity D792 1.03 g/cm3
General Resin Viscosity (30°C) Brookfield 250 cP
General Moisture Absorption (7 Days in 212°F Water) D570 <0.2 wt%
Mechanical Tensile Strength @ Yield D638 6,700 psi
Mechanical Tensile Modulus D638 277,000 psi
Mechanical Elongation @ Yield D638 7 %
Mechanical Elongation @ Break D638 >35 %
Mechanical Flexural Modulus D790 274,000 psi
Mechanical Flexural Strength D790 10,500 psi
Mechanical Notched Izod, 23°C D256 9.0 ft-lb/in
Mechanical Shore D Hardness D2240 D82
Thermal Glass Transition Temp. DSC 145 / 293 °C / °F
Thermal Coefficient of Thermal Expansion D696 62 x 10-6 in/in/°C

* Typical values are intended for reference purposes only and should not be used as design specifications. Specific geometry and processing parameters can affect polymer properties.

Property Ranges Throughout the Resin Series

Unlike most thermoset resins, Proxima is not brittle, but exceptionally tough and durable, and has other beneficial characteristics such as corrosion resistance, ease of fabrication, and a wide use-temperature range. We have a variety of formulations to provide excellent combinations of stiffness, impact strength, and heat deflection temperature.

  • Toughened and High Heat Neat Resins
  • Carbon Fiber Composites
  • Glass Fiber Composites
  • Syntactic Foams
Ultimate Processing Flexibility and Efficiency

Proxima thermosets are two-part thermoset systems created with proprietary blends of dicyclopentadiene (DCPD) and other co-monomers and other additives for fine control of performance and reactivity. Proxima resins exhibit the ideal, high performance property ranges desired by manufacturers – offering improved flexibility of manufacturing process methodologies and techniques.

Supported Fabrication Methods
  • Reaction Injection Molding (RIM)
  • Resin Transfer Molding (RTM)
  • Vacuum-Assisted Resin Transfer Molding (VARTM)
  • Rotomolding
Controlling Processing Parameters

With extremely low viscosity and ease of use inherent in all Proxima resin formulations, we enable more efficient and flexible manufacturing processing to support any number of applications.

Controlled Exotherms

We’ve engineered our Proxima resins to more easily manage and control exothermic reactions for a broad range of uses, enabling the infusion of thick laminates exceeding 6” and molding of thick parts exceeding 12”.

Controlled Reactivity

Proxima resins deliver superior control over pot life, providing manufacturers with more flexibility ranging from minutes to hours.

Controlled Consistency

Ensuring better quality control during the manufacturing process, Proxima resins are compatible with high filler loadings while greatly minimizing the formation of voids.