Superior Formulation Flexibility for Limitless Possibilities

Application Possibilities

Materia sells a variety of Proxima® thermoset systems for applications ranging from neat resins to fiber-infused composites. These resin systems have an excellent balance of performance and processing properties suitable to a wide variety of applications ready with industry-standard fabrication technologies.

Enabled by our proprietary DCPD monomers, a family of co-monomers and other additives, Proxima thermosets exhibit superior performance advantages due to the inherent limitations in existing materials systems. With their ease of processing and tunable performance, Proxima resin systems outperform most competing materials for desired performance and processing requirements.


Proxima thermosets are the next-generation materials for automotive lightweighting and other high performance applications, with the ease of use and strength of a thermoset and the toughness of a thermoplastic.

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Nonstructural Body Panels

With flexible processing ranges, corrosion resistance, damage resistance, and durability, Proxima thermosets open new manufacturing possibilities for molding large, complex parts, including bumpers, door panels, quarter panels, and roofs, with low-cost tooling due to our broad support for industry-standard fabrication methods.

Structural Components

Proxima carbon fiber composites are ideal for applications requiring high damage tolerance, stiffness, toughness, and structural integrity, with significant weight savings compared with traditional materials. With fast cycle times and manufacturing efficiencies, OEMs will see significant cost savings and fast time-to-market.

Electrical & Electronics

The Proxima resin platform delivers a broad range of properties - from rigid structural polymers to flexible soft materials and from neat castings to fiber-reinforced composites. Proxima thermosets provide an excellent replacement of epoxy, acrylic, polyurethane, and polyimide resins, exhibiting a superior combination of dielectric, thermal and mechanical properties.

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Circuits, Components & Assembly Materials

With a very low dielectric constant and loss tangent, Proxima resins can be ideal for high speed and high frequency circuits, electronic components and assembly materials. With excellent thermal stability, and superior chemical and moisture resistance, Proxima thermosets can meet the demanding requirements of today’s high end electronics, from use in cloud servers to use in the oil & gas industry.


Proxima thermoset systems have been engineered with an unmatched level of versatility and high performance features built for the toughest needs. With excellent wear resistance, structural integrity, moisture and corrosion resistance, improved fatigue performance, and longer lifecycles, Proxima resins are the ideal choice for many industrial applications.

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Cell Top Covers and Chemical Storage

Proxima thermosets are naturally resistant to moisture and corrosive chemicals, uniquely combining the ideal mechanical characteristics of thermosets, thermoplastics, and fluoropolymers. With their ultra-low viscosity, Proxima resins support high filler loadings and minimal voids for a truly tough product providing a superior, lighter weight product compared to more traditional concrete- and fiber-reinforced polyesters.


Proxima thermosets can be formulated into high performance anti-corrosion coatings used to protect high-value assets from extreme environments. Compared to typical epoxy systems, Proxima resins can be applied in less coats and require significantly less time to cure, reducing overall application and maintenance downtime costs.

Sanitary, Pipe and Tank

Compared to traditional steel, plastics, and epoxies, Proxima thermosets exhibit superior corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, and improved damage tolerance. And with longer product lifecycles, manufacturers can expect improved reliability and a significant reduction in costly replacements, making Proxima thermosets an ideal choice for above ground and underground tanks, pipes, and other chemical plant applications.

Heavy Machinery

With superior damage and abrasion tolerance, resistance to moisture, and controlled exothermic reactions, Proxima thermosets are capable of being molded into large, complex parts, from thick to thin and everything in between. The inherent strength and toughness of Proxima resins provide an excellent balance of properties without the need for fiber reinforcement for many applications.


Proxima thermoset systems have a very low carbon footprint compared with traditional materials and epoxies. Combined with high durability, abrasion resistance, corrosion and moisture resistance, and excellent thermal insulation properties, Proxima resins offer an unmatched value proposition for a variety of construction and infrastructure applications.

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Structural Profiles

Proxima resins can easily be processed into fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) rebar that offers corrosion resistance, enhanced performance, and weight savings compared to traditional steel.


Compared to competing composite materials and traditional construction materials, Proxima thermosets give broad design freedom to produce large, complex shapes with improved mechanical properties and more cost-effective manufacturing.

Public Works and Critical Infrastructure

Proxima thermosets and composite materials are well suited to replace traditional concrete, steel, and wood materials. With high strength-to-weight ratios, longer lifecycles, and superior resistance to corrosion, materials made from Proxima resins will outlast and outperform most traditional materials for a variety of infrastructure components.

Oil & Gas

Proxima thermoset systems are an ideal match for the challenges of withstanding high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) environments, including the extraction of resources from deepwater and other deep, high-pressure oil and gas reservoirs. Unlike other technologies, Proxima resins exhibit excellent stability in HPHT environments, provide more modular and robust products, and have longer service lives with lower risks than traditional materials.

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Downhole Tools

Proxima thermosets are formulated to solve many challenges in downhole applications. Proxima resins exhibit superior corrosion and abrasion resistance, support high use temperatures, have high impact strength, and are easy to process. Proxima-based composites provide strength and toughness along with exceptional damage tolerance due to the inherent crack resistance of Proxima resin.

Subsea Thermal Insulation

Proxima thermal insulation is a first-in-class thermoset for use as a subsea wet insulation material in HPHT environments. Unlike traditional thermosets, Proxima polymers do not react with water and water absorption is extremely low. These unique properties make Proxima thermal insulation stable in subsea environments up to 400°F (204°C).


Proxima thermoset resins are one of the most versatile advanced materials platforms on the market today, outperforming most traditional materials systems with significantly improved processing efficiencies. Proxima resins can be tuned to a broad array of applications making it the optimal thermoset material for a wide range of lightweighting, fuel savings, and safety challenges facing transportation.

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Lightweighting for trucks, using similar processes and materials as automotive, offers manufacturers an easily realized solution toward improving fuel efficiency. Proxima resins are well suited to mold large, complex parts delivering excellent stiffness, damage and abrasion tolerance, and resistance to corrosion and weathering.

Mass Transit

Carbon fiber composites offer a direct weight savings of 50-70% over steel and 20-40% over aluminum. Proxima composites have up to 5x the fracture toughness of conventional infusion resins and exhibit excellent crack resistance. The inherent toughness of Proxima allows for improved safety factors, high heat resistance, and lighter weight composites, making it an ideal choice in the manufacture of seat and stand backs, flooring and roofs, luggage racks, driver decks, and side panels, fronts, and nose caps.

Wind Energy

Proxima thermoset resins are ideal for longer and more durable wind blades, greatly increasing the energy capture area at reduced costs and improved manufacturing efficiencies.

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Wind Turbine Blades

Proxima thermosets deliver superior mechanical performance compared with traditional epoxy, glass and carbon fiber systems with minimal voids and defects and reduction of materials usage. Proxima resins can enable lighter, longer, and stronger blades with superior off-axis properties and interlaminar fracture toughness to comparable epoxies by up to 5x for glass fiber composites.

Spar Caps

Featuring extraordinarily low viscosity and controlled exotherms, Proxima thermosets are ideal for thick parts, such as spar caps, exhibiting superior structural integrity, fracture toughness, lower density, and minimal voids. Proxima resins can support higher quality blade parts and more design freedom supporting infusions of thick laminates exceeding 6” and fiber volume fractions exceeding 60%.