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Unlock New Innovations with Materia Catalysts

The scope of successful commercial applications has proven olefin metathesis using Grubbs Catalyst® technology is the leading scalable and reliable tool in the efficient synthesis of diverse sets of molecular structures. Chemists worldwide have helped to make Materia catalysts the most broadly adopted metathesis catalysts because of their long and stable shelf life, high functional group tolerance, predictable reactivity, and broad applicability with easy pathways to commercial scale.

Committed to the development and support of our technology, Materia has made a large variety of our proprietary metathesis catalysts available for research and development needs through our exclusive distribution partner, Sigma-Aldrich. With their commitment to academic, pharmaceutical, and chemical research and development, Sigma-Aldrich has provided excellent support for Materia’s research customers for over a decade.

Catalyst Product Library

Browse our line of Grubbs Catalyst products to find the right catalyst to fit your needs.

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Research Volume Direct

Visit Sigma-Aldrich directly to browse and order research volumes of our metathesis catalysts.

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Order with Confidence: From Discovery Research to Commercial Production

We own and operate the world’s largest scale ruthenium metathesis catalyst production facility, with unmatched scale to meet your volume requirements. Materia’s research scientists can leverage their unmatched know-how to assist you with your process scale-up and production requirements.

Expert Metathesis Guidance and Resources

No one knows metathesis better than Materia. To support the academic and industrial community and advance the chemistry of olefin metathesis, we write and maintain a dedicated olefin metathesis blog to deliver chemists and scientists with expert knowledge, resources, and application support.