Application Development

Unmatched Metathesis Expertise, Unmatched Scale

Catalysis is the most important and widely used route to creating new chemical compounds. Unlike other processes, few chemistries have been able to match the scope of commercial possibilities like olefin metathesis, and no one knows metathesis better than Materia. We specialize in catalysis and excel at developing robust, predictable processes at commercial scale.

Materia Know-how and Expertise

We can help you develop new processes or applications. With an extensive portfolio of proprietary metathesis catalysts and our unmatched knowledge and experience with olefin metathesis applications, Materia partners with companies to develop profitable, commercial solutions.

We have a large staff of scientists and engineers to help evaluate catalyst selection, process optimization, and application development with an established route to full-scale manufacturing. With our world-class technical services and access to the latest innovations developed by Professor Robert H. Grubbs in Caltech, we offer unmatched quality, reliability, and support from the world’s leading experts in metathesis.

Why Partner with Materia

Since our inception, we’ve developed considerable expertise in the chemistry of metathesis and have proven our leadership through the significant advances in the technology without sacrificing reliability, scale, or affordability.

  • Commercial Scale. We own and operate the world’s largest scale ruthenium metathesis catalyst production facility, where we manufacture our catalysts.
  • Robust Catalysts. Materia catalysts exhibit unprecedented versatility, ease-of-use, and predictable performance. The broad applicability of our catalysts is unmatched by competing products.
  • Continual Development. We never rest on our successes. We are continually developing new, differentiated catalysts for specific transformations and applications.
  • Creative Solutions. We specialize in finding the right chemical processes, regardless of the challenges ahead, never losing sight of scalable, stable, and efficient production processes.