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Our Diverse Catalyst Portfolio

Materia exclusively manufactures and sells a wide range of proprietary olefin metathesis catalysts which have revolutionized catalysis and chemistry. Originally developed by Professor Robert H. Grubbs, Materia’s Grubbs Catalyst® technology enables scalable commercial applications across a variety of industries, opening a world of possibilities for chemistry and materials science innovation.

Discover why 30 of the world’s 50 largest chemical companies and 40 of the world’s 50 largest pharmaceutical companies use Materia catalysts.

Unlock New Products and Innovations with Materia Catalysts

Materia’s Grubbs Catalyst technology has been instrumental in the discovery of several new pharmaceutical breakthroughs, the efficient production of chemicals from natural oils, and the development of high performance materials and chemicals, including our own revolutionary Proxima® thermoset resin platform.

Our proprietary catalyst portfolio has been commercially validated as one of the few catalyst platforms capable of driving innovation across multiple industries. Materia’s catalysts offer cost-effective, efficient, user-friendly, and predictable chemical reactions capable of delivering unprecedented commercial applications at competitive economics.

Distinctive Characteristics of Materia Catalysts

Enables the synthesis of new molecules

Increases efficiencies in the production of chemicals and materials

Facilitates cleaner, safer, more environmentally friendly industrial processes, generating fewer byproducts

Assimilates effortlessly into existing manufacturing infrastructures

World-Class Technical Expertise

No one knows metathesis better than Materia. Based on your unique business requirements, our chemical process development and catalyst screening teams can accelerate new commercial innovations while you stay focused on your core business.

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