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Metathesis Catalysts

The Materia metathesis catalyst technology represents one of the most innovative and commercially relevant advances in chemistry of the last 20 years.

Our metathesis catalysts:

  • Enable the synthesis of distinct new molecules
  • Make the production of chemicals and materials more efficient
  • Allow for cleaner, safer and more environmentally-friendly industrial processes that produce fewer by-products
  • Readily assimilate into existing manufacturing infrastructure

The Materia technology has yielded several new pharmaceuticals in clinical development, a game-changing thermoset resin system, a platform of fuels and chemicals from natural oils, as well as performance materials and chemicals. Although significant, these historical successes represent only a fraction of the opportunity enabled by this revolutionary catalyst platform.

Materia manufactures metathesis catalysts and markets them directly to the chemical and materials industries as well as through Sigma-Aldrich. We also provide process development services and technology licenses to corporate partners.

Please see our Metathesis Catalysts Product Catalogue for additional information.

Find out how the Materia catalysts allow Elevance to replace millions of gallons of petroleum-based chemicals with renewable alternatives.