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Oil and Gas

Materia Oil & Gas Markets

Materia works with companies in the oil and gas sectors to develop and integrate custom formulations of our high-performance Proxima thermoset resins. These advanced materials are specially designed for the challenges of withstanding high pressure, high temperature (HPHT) environments, including the extraction of resources from deepwater and other deep, high pressure oil and gas reservoirs.

Unlike other technologies, Proxima thermoset resin systems exhibit excellent stability in HPHT environments, provide more modular and robust products, and have longer service lives with lower risks than traditional materials.


  • Downhole Tools. Our thermoset systems are uniquely formulated to solve many challenges in downhole applications. Proxima resins are corrosion- and abrasion-resistant, have high use temperature, impact strength and are easy to process. Proxima-based composites provide strength and toughness along with exceptional damage tolerance due to the inherent crack resistance of Proxima resin.
  • Subsea Thermal Insulation. Our Proxima thermal insulation is a first-in-class thermoset for use as a subsea wet insulation material in HPHT environments. Unlike traditional thermosets, Proxima polymers do not react with water and water absorption is extremely low. These unique properties make Proxima thermal insulation stable in subsea conditions, exceeding the temperature capabilities of the highest rated wet insulation systems offered today.
  • Subsea Buoyancy. Syntactic foams made from Proxima resins deliver next-generation performance with better strength-to-weight ratios than conventional epoxies and polyurethanes. Proxima resins are designed to be easy to process, have low viscosity (<50 cP at 23 °C) and low density (1.04 g/mL), as well as exhibiting inherently low water absorption.

Materia’s high-performance Proxima thermosets offer significant cost and performance benefits for oil and gas companies. Our team of world-class scientists and engineers provide custom application development services to address  resource extraction in challenging environments.