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Renewable Chemicals

Materia works in close cooperation with companies to deliver unique solutions based on our proprietary Grubbs Catalyst® technology, including specialty chemicals that transform renewable feedstocks into performance products with minimal environmental impact. Materia has broad expertise across the entire value chain to help companies solve both development and integration challenges in replacing petroleum-derived chemicals and materials with sustainable, biobased alternatives.

Olefin Metathesis Catalysis Expertise

Olefins are key building blocks of biological and plant matter, as well as the basis for most petrochemicals. With our industry-leading knowledge and proprietary metathesis catalyst technology, Materia is the leader in commercial olefin metathesis solutions, having successfully developed multiple processes and products for customers in a broad range of industries and applications.


Drop-in Petrochemical Alternatives There is increasing global consumer demand for renewable, biobased alternatives in everyday products such as fuels, packaging materials, cleaning products, cosmetics, and other personal care products.

Materia enables customers to meet the challenges of transforming renewable feedstocks (derived from yeast, algae, and plants) into economical and scalable petrochemical alternatives. Our proprietary olefin metathesis catalysts enable companies to meet consumer demands with greener products and improved product quality, while increasing efficiencies and cost savings of their manufacturing processes.

Large-Scale Bioproducts Materia’s highly skilled chemists and engineers develop unique industry solutions that inspire next-generation businesses to reimagine the products we use every day with renewable, biobased alternatives.

We work with customers to develop innovative products that are economical and sustainable, delivering a competitive advantage through improved product and brand image at better economics.

Our Green Innovations

Our Green Innovations

Materia’s joint venture with Cargill, Elevance Renewable Sciences, uses Materia’s catalysts to transform natural oils (soybean, palm, and others) into a wide variety of specialty chemicals. Today, Elevance operates the world’s largest biorefinery utilizing Grubbs Catalyst technology. Their first plant has a capacity of 400 million pounds annually, with global expansion plans including new biorefineries in Mississippi and Malaysia.

Application Development

Application Development

Materia’s advanced catalyst and materials expertise can offer enormous economic and environmental benefits to companies in the development of biobased products. Our team of world-class scientists and engineers can also provide application development services to help you address technology and manufacturing challenges.

Materia technology is solving today's industrial challenges.

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