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Synthesize Complex Biologically Active Molecules


Creating New Opportunities for Value

Materia's Grubbs Catalyst® technology provides pharmaceutical companies with powerful tools for the efficient synthesis of novel drug-like compounds. Our catalysts help pharmaceutical companies lower costs, reduce development timelines, generate complex molecules quickly and ultimately generate greater profits. Having generated significant momentum in the industry, Grubbs Catalyst technology is used by nearly every major pharmaceutical company worldwide.

Addressing Today's Industry Challenges

Pharmaceutical companies face increasing pressure to enhance R&D productivity in the face of challenging molecular targets.

Grubbs Catalyst technology targets these industry challenges with value-added solutions at each phase of the drug development and commercialization process and provides robust and scalable access to synthetically challenging classes of compounds whose therapeutic potential is just beginning to be realized.


Drug Discovery. Grubbs Catalyst technology provides chemists with a powerful tool to synthesize complicated, biologically active compounds that are often not accessible by traditional processes. Our catalysts enable rapid synthesis without complicated work-ups, protecting group strategies, a major advantage in removing bottlenecks to help chemists deliver results in very short timeframes.

Process Development. Grubbs Catalyst technology provides chemists with synthesis atom efficiency, oftentimes eliminating or avoiding additional steps, complicated reagents, or environmentally challenging conditions. Through our process streamlining, we can deliver dramatically less expensive and time-consuming production routes.

Commercial Production. Grubbs Catalyst technology is well established in commercial production and is working behind the scenes in the manufacturing of some of the world’s highest profile drugs. Enabled by our catalysts’ robust stability, consistent performance, and industrial-scale availability, Materia can dramatically reduce manufacturing complexities.



With a deep understanding of the metathesis process (ideal operating conditions, substrate alternatives, and catalyst selection) Materia leads the industry in the commercialization and chemistry of metathesis.

Straightforward Terms
  • No License Fees or Royalties. We understand there is enough uncertainty to developing a new drug, that’s why we include all the costs associated with IP in the price of the catalyst.
  • Patenting In Pharma Is Not Limited. We know that protecting your freedom to operate is crucial to your success, that’s why we have no restrictions on using results obtained with our catalysts to file patents on composition of matter, intermediates, or processes for pharmaceutical purposes.
  • 3rd Party Partners Are Welcome. We realize outsourcing partners play a significant role in the modern pharmaceutical development process, that’s why we extend the same terms to CROs and CMOs working on behalf of pharmaceutical companies.
Value-added Services
  • Free Technical Guidance. Whether you are just starting to explore metathesis conditions or looking to improve the efficiency of a well-developed step, our R&D team is happy to share its expertise to help you maximize catalyst performance.
  • Catalyst Screening. Materia’s internal catalyst library includes over 40 distinct ruthenium catalysts which can be screened for any given application.
  • Process Development & Intermediate Synthesis. Our R&D team is also available for more complex projects including scalable process development and non-GMP intermediate synthesis.

Materia technology is solving today's pharmaceutical challenges.

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