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Oil & Gas

Materia works with companies in the oil and gas market to develop, qualify and integrate our high performance Proxima® thermoset resins as solutions to challenging onshore and offshore problems. These advanced materials are specially designed for the challenges of withstanding high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) environments, including the extraction of resources from deepwater, oil and gas reservoirs.

Unlike other polymer technologies, Proxima thermoset resin systems exhibit excellent stability in HPHT environments, delivering more modular and robust products with lower risks than traditional materials.

Innovative and Reliable Materials Enabling Challenging Resource Extraction

Even with increasing sources of renewable energy, traditional fossil fuels are still required to meet growing global energy needs. Hydrocarbon fuels will remain the cornerstone of our energy portfolio well into the future, but with the scarcity of “easy oil” reserves, companies are focused on new technologies that enable safe and efficient extraction from the harsh environments that accompany many new reserves.

Using our polymer technology and solutions expertise, Proxima resin systems have been engineered to exhibit excellent thermal stability, hydrolytic stability, superior toughness, corrosion resistance, and abrasion resistance required for these environments.


Downhole Tools. Proxima thermosets are formulated to solve many challenges in downhole applications. Proxima resins exhibit superior corrosion and abrasion resistance, support high use temperatures, have high impact strength, and are easy to process. Proxima-based composites provide strength and toughness along with exceptional damage tolerance due to the inherent crack resistance of Proxima resin. Learn More

Subsea Thermal Insulation. Our Proxima thermal insulation is a rigorously tested and qualified thermoset for use as a subsea wet insulation material in HPHT environments. Unlike traditional thermosets, Proxima polymers have extremely low water absorption and do not react with water under hot/wet conditions. These unique properties make Proxima thermal insulation stable in subsea conditions up to 400 °F (204 °C). Learn More

Integrated Solutions Expertise

Integrated Solutions Expertise

Materia provides integrated solutions that enable customers to leverage our innovative materials to successfully extract resources found in today’s most extreme conditions.

Our highly skilled engineers bring expertise from various disciplines to accelerate product development cycle times. We have integrated teams that focus on formulation development, prototyping, manufacturing process development, and pilot production. Working with our partners to find the quickest and most economical path enables rapid adoption and implementation of new technologies.

Engineered Solutions

Engineered Solutions

Materia’s high performance Proxima thermosets offer significant cost and performance benefits for oil and gas companies. Our team of world-class scientists and engineers provide product development services to address challenging HPHT environments. Learn more about how Materia’s Proxima thermoset resins are helping to solve major performance challenges facing the Oil & Gas industry.

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Materia has a wide range of Proxima formulations available and the expertise to develop highly tuned thermosetting resin systems for your performance and processing requirements.

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