Proxima® for Industrial

Stress Managed

Stronger Materials Resistant to Extreme Mechanical Stresses


Materia works with chemical process and industrial companies to develop specialized formulations of our high performance Proxima® thermoset resin systems. Our advanced materials platform have been engineered with an unmatched level of versatility and extreme performance features built for the toughest needs, including chemical process and storage, sanitation, and pipe and tank.

With excellent wear resistance, structural integrity, chemical and corrosion resistance, improved fatigue performance, and longer lifecycles, Proxima resins are the ideal choice for any industrial application outperforming existing traditional systems and competing materials.

Extreme Stresses Demand Innovative Materials

Proxima thermosets outperform many traditional materials, such as metal alloys, fluoropolymers, concrete, fiber-reinforced polyesters, and stainless steel, for targeted properties.

Proxima resins have improved durability and resistance to wider ranges of chemical environments and temperature conditions, superior impact strength and fracture toughness, and high strength-to-weight ratios, enabling molding of non-reinforced, complex parts.


Cell Top Covers and Chemical Storage. Proxima thermosets are naturally resistant to moisture and corrosive chemicals, uniquely combining the ideal mechanical characteristics of thermosets, thermoplastics, and fluoropolymers. With their ultra-low viscosity, Proxima resins support high filler loadings and minimal voids for a truly tough product providing a superior, lighter weight product compared to more traditional concrete- and fiber-reinforced polyesters.

Sanitary, Pipe and Tank. Compared to traditional steel, plastics, and epoxies, Proxima thermosets exhibit superior corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, and improved damage tolerance. And with longer product lifecycles, manufacturers can expect improved reliability and a significant reduction in costly replacements, making Proxima thermosets an ideal choice for above ground and underground tanks, pipes, and other chemical plant applications.

Heavy Machinery. With superior damage and abrasion tolerance, resistance to moisture, and controlled exothermic reactions, Proxima thermosets are capable of being molded into large, complex parts, from thick to thin and everything in between. The inherent strength and toughness of Proxima resins provide an excellent balance of properties without the need for fiber reinforcement for many applications.

Superior Corrosion and Chemical Resistance

Superior Corrosion and Chemical Resistance

Proxima thermosets are used to manufacture chlor-alkali cell top covers, resistant to chlorine gas and caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) with long product lifecycles. Unlike competing thermosets and fiber-reinforced polyesters, cell top covers made from Proxima resins do not require fiber reinforcement for strength and fracture toughness, streamlining the manufacturing process and eliminating the possibilities of fiber degradation under continuous exposure to harsh chemical environments. Proxima cell covers deliver highly reproducible dimensional tolerances of molded features and uniform structural integrity throughout, leading to fewer rejected parts and longer expected service lifetimes.

Application Development

Application Development

Materia’s high performance Proxima thermosets offer significant cost and performance benefits for chemical and industrial companies. Our team of world-class scientists and engineers provide application development services to address material performance under extreme conditions.

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Materia has a wide range of Proxima formulations available and the expertise to develop highly tuned thermosetting resin systems for your performance and processing requirements.

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