Maintaining a Standard of Excellence

Our Values

At Materia, we take pride in our high standards of excellence and our drive toward continued innovation in catalysis and materials science. Our core business values and principles are the foundation that keeps our business moving forward.

Business Excellence

We maintain the highest level of scientific, professional, ethical, and safety standards and practices. We take great pride in the work we do, the value our solutions drive for our customers, and the global benefits of our technology.

Our Customers are Our Partners

We believe how we support our customers is just as important as what we do for them. We only deliver the highest quality, competitive solutions to our customers. In driving the success of our customers, we drive our own.

Our People are Our Assets

The best results come from an environment which values and encourages the many contributions and ideas of our people. Our employees are at the center of our ability to bring commercial innovations to market.

The Science Speaks for Us

We believe that our science delivers new innovations, and we let the achievements of our technology and solutions speak for themselves.

We are Problem Solvers

Every problem has a solution. From performance to economics to manufacturing logistics, we are driven to find the right solution every time.