R&D Engineer (Materials R&D)


Job Purpose:

The Materials R&D Engineer assists in product development and properties testing of new and existing materials, develops and documents product characterization procedures and test data, as well as report results and observations to other members of the R&D team under the direction and supervision of more senior level employees. 

Essential Duties and Responsibility:

  • Assist in the development, characterization, and optimization of new and existing materials, prepare development formulations for characterization; implement new product characterization methods; and document procedures.
  • Perform sample preparation with significant care and attention to detail and cleanliness.
  • Conduct or coordinate internal material testing using complex instruments, such as DSC, TGA, DMA, FT-IR, SEM, and Instron. Coordinate testing externally for electrical property measurements.
  • Follow precise instructions and provide quality data within specified timeframes.  Take initiative in identifying, reporting, and trouble-shooting problems or inconsistent data and proactively address remediation.  Demonstrate flexibility in dealing with shifting priorities.
  • Apply basic troubleshooting skills to daily tasks and prioritize and optimize workflow to achieve efficiency.
  • Review and evaluate patents which could have an impact on Materia business and future projects that are published by third parties while updating R&D team on a regular base.
  • Accurate recordkeeping, housekeeping, and maintenance of instruments, lab supplies, and work areas.  Complete all assignments in a safe manner.

Position Qualifications and Experience:

BS degree in chemistry, material science, or engineering
2 years of industrial experience in polymer applications for electronic component assembly.
Deep understanding of mixing and coating procedures with hands-on experience in product testing
Excellent written and verbal communication and presentation skills