Metathesis Catalyst Applications Technology (MCAT) Senior Research Chemist


Job Purpose:

The Metathesis Catalyst Applications Technology (MCAT) Sr. Research Chemist works on olefin metathesis projects related to the company's core competencies.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Devise and carry out independent or team-oriented work plans in a safe manner, approved by management
  • Be proficient at interpreting analytical data, able to rationalize results and develop future work plans based on results
  • Maintain careful research records, reports and other documents to meet technology dissemination and patent protection
  • Maintain skills/knowledge by reading literature, taking courses, and/or attending technical meetings
  • Assist with customer visits and attend technical meetings
  • Maintain a clean and safe work area at all times


Qualifications + Experience:


Ph.D. degree in Organic, Inorganic, or Organometallic Chemistry


  • 3+ years of relevant experience preferred
  • Preparation, purification, and characterization of homogenous air-sensitive catalysts (early/late transition metal)
  • Conduct and quantitatively evaluate (GC, HPLC, NMR) small/intermediate scale catalytic transformations (ex: metathesis, cross-coupling, hydrogenation)
  • Skilled in the art of standard inert chemistry techniques utilizing a glove box and/or Schlenk line
  • Routine NMR acquisition and interpretation (1H/13C/31P)
  • High-throughput reaction evaluation / robotics