Materials Analyst (Materials R&D)


Job Purpose

The Materials Analyst supports multiple groups including research and product development and assists more senior level employees through the analysis and characterization of polymers, composites, and base materials.

Key Responsibilities

  • Perform tasks such rheological characterization, mechanical testing (UTM testing of polymers and composites), thermal characterization (TGA, DMA, DSC), sample preparation, other analytical data collection and interpretation.
  • Maintain careful records and other documents to meet technology dissemination, patent protection, and/or quality control needs
  • Assists in maintaining lab instruments, as well as inventory of analytical lab supplies, and requisitions supply replacement.
  • Sets up equipment, prepares samples, and performs physical, mechanical, and thermal analyses.
  • Follows technical instructions and written lab procedures, complies with lab protocol to assure analytical integrity of the lab is maintained to established standards.
  • Compliance with safety procedures and practices

Qualifications + Experience


  • High School Diploma or equivalent is required
  • B.S. or B.A. degree in Chemistry, Materials Science, Engineering is preferred


  • Willingness to learn laboratory techniques
  • Become adept in handling equipment and instrumentation
  • Assist in equipment setup and preparation required
  • Familiarization with collecting and analyzing rheological data is preferred.

Functional Skill

  • Analytical skillset required for modeling and data analysis
  • Have the ability to use scientific methodologies to analyze data, draw conclusions, and solve problems.