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Grubbs Catalyst® Technology

Materia holds the exclusive license to the Nobel Prize-winning olefin metathesis catalyst technology developed by Professor Robert H. Grubbs at Caltech as well as complementary patents from the University of New Orleans, Boston College, the University of Kansas and the University of Calgary.

Olefin Metathesis

At the most basic level, the robust Materia catalysts allow carbon atoms to more easily swap places, delivering unique, structurally differentiated chemical compounds as well as more efficient pathways to established products. Because our catalysts can be easily used with standard industrial process equipment and because carbon-carbon double bonds are found in traditional petrochemical and emerging renewable feedstocks, myriad industries and customers use our technology to innovate and produce new products and enhance manufacturing operations.

Using the Materia metathesis technology, a range of industries produce chemicals and materials with fewer steps, reduced byproducts and a lower carbon footprint. Proxima® resin, the Materia next-generation thermoset resin for glass and carbon composites, is just one example of a novel product with a compelling market value proposition created using our catalysts. Other examples include waxes made from natural oils rather than petroleum, unique performance and fine chemicals with greater efficiency, and insect pheromones (pesticide alternatives) for natural insect population control.