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About Materia

Materia develops and manufactures revolutionary catalysts and advanced materials that solve complex problems facing today’s energy, transportation, industrial, chemical, and pharmaceutical companies. Through our expertise, we deliver superior performance and manufacturing process advantages over competing technologies with both our off-the-shelf solutions and customized products. At Materia, we specialize in the science of possibilities.

Innovators in Catalysis and Materials Science
Materia holds the exclusive worldwide rights to the Grubbs Catalyst® technologies, one of the most significant, breakthrough innovations in catalysis and modern chemistry, protected by a global IP portfolio of over 350 issued and pending patents.

Materia is the world leader in olefin metathesis chemistry. The maturity and scale of our Nobel Prize-winning chemistry is exemplified in the broad range of commercially superior products using Materia technology. We offer one of the only user-friendly, predictable, and scalable technologies available to create unique chemical transformations.

Solving Complex Global Problems
Materia’s catalysts have been used by 30 of the world’s 50 largest chemical companies and 40 of the world’s 50 largest pharmaceutical companies.

Materia is driving further commercial innovations with our advanced  resin platform in collaboration with global industry leaders.

From facilitating development of oil & gas reserves in high pressure, high temperature environments (HPHT), to enabling the world’s largest biorefinery, to aiding discovery and production of a hepatitis C treatment, we design, develop, and manufacture products to outperform current technologies, and streamline manufacturing processes while being cleaner and more cost-effective than previously possible.

Company Profile
Materia maintains business operations, research and development facilities, and catalyst manufacturing  at our headquarters in Pasadena, California. To meet large-scale demands of our high-performance resin systems, Materia operates resin manufacturing facilities in Huntsville, Texas. Materia employs over 170 employees company-wide.

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